“If the program had a Yelp page, I’d give it 5 stars.”
– Michael McLaughlin
MindShare Consulting

Marketing in 3 Minutes a Day.

Are you tired of investing in marketing programs …
and then never finding time to use the materials?

Imagine if there were a way to improve how you market your business without your having to complete a comprehensive program or even study an entire book?

Imagine if, instead of setting aside hours at a time to learn about marketing, you set aside just 15 minutes a week?

Imagine if, instead of bombarding you with way more information than you’ll ever use, you were given just a few dozen, simple, practical ideas?

And finally, imagine if, instead of having to read anything, it was presented in a “narrated slide show” format.  One that you could simply watch and listen to while sipping your morning coffee?

Well, that’s exactly what The Penguin Program is all about.

Hi, I’m Michael Katz. I’ve been working as a solo professional since June 24, 2000, the day after I walked out the door of my last and final job.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes since then, but I’ve also figured many things out – things which help me market my business better and more easily.

That’s what this program is about – I’ve taken 45 of my best ideas, put them together, and created a bite-size video marketing course for you.

That’s right. Short video segments (average length: 2 minutes, 54 seconds), delivered to your inbox, five days a week for nine consecutive weeks.

Each segment covers a specific idea for helping you market your business and attract more clients and income.

Graham McGregor“What I liked most about the course is that each video is very short. Only 2-3 minutes in most cases so I could easily fit them into my Schedule.

“I used a version of your email to politely contact prospects who
were keen and then vanished. One person turned into a good client
and several others apologised for not getting back in touch.

“The price point on your programme is very affordable and I really like having the master list of videos that I can then review whenever I want to.”

Graham McGregor
Marketing Advisor & Journalist
Auckland, New Zealand


Watch it, learn something, start your day

There’s no homework. No exercises. No reading. No note-taking.

There’s nothing wrong with all that, but you and I know that’s what’s been getting in your way. Too much to get through.

Instead, the focus of this program is on giving you insights – showing you practical things and helping you become smarter about marketing your business.

>>> Just five ideas a week, so you’re never overwhelmed.
>>> Average segment length just three minutes, so you’re never “too busy” to watch.

One video each day (except weekends!), for 9 weeks in a row.

You’ll receive a complete list of all 45 videos immediately after registering.

Then, after that, you’ll receive one each weekday morning for the next nine weeks.

“Okay, this bite-sized format definitely works for me. But what exactly do these videos cover?”

Here’s the complete list:

Video #1Using call-out quotes to promote your written content
Video #2Why your relationships matter more than anything
Video #3Why you shouldn't raise prices on existing clients
Video #4How to write a "check-in email" to stay in touch with your network
Video #5What matters most when writing a "from and subject" line in an email
Video #6Why you need to write the way you speak
Video #7How to offer a free content download
Video #8How to get your content published by others
Video #9Why you should never publish your prices
Video #10The best book on selling for solo professionals
Video #11Why you need to do (at least) one marketing activity each day
Video #12How to manage your capacity
Video #13How to develop systems for tasks that repeat that repeat
Video #14How and why to rank your clients
Video #15How to make your emails easy to scan
Video #16Why you must focus on doing things at which you are particularly skilled
Video #17How to use LinkedIn to stay in touch
Video #18How to find your pricing sweet spot
Video #19Why sharing personal information is so compelling
Video #20Why you need to ignore the way most people price
Video #21Why your pricing will never be objective
Video #22Alternative formats for sharing content
Video #23How to use the world's greatest relationship marketing tool
Video #24Why you shouldn't worry about looking "unprofessional"
Video #25How to identify your perfect client
Video #26Why your best ideas and products need names
Video #27How to shake loose dormant prospects
Video #28How to develop products based on work you're already doing
Video #29How to monetize your influence with affiliate programs
Video #30Why your LinkedIn headline is wrong
Video #31Why your prices are too low
Video #32The one person you need to write to
Video #33The benefit of staying in touch with your network (forever)
Video #34How and why to offer choices in your package options
Video #35When too much automation is a bad idea
Video #36How to use Google Alerts as social media fodder
Video #37The beauty of hosting your own event
Video #38How to take advantage of your human advantage
Video #39Why your focus is too broad
Video #40How packaging helps prospects decide to hire you
Video #41Why you need a strong opinion
Video #42The danger of writing to nobody in particular
Video #43Two simple tips for vastly improving your testimonials
Video #44How to send holiday cards that have impact
Video #45How to be a likeable expert

That’s why I call it a “marketing course.” It’s a boatload of practical, useful content (and you know how big boats can be). A total of 2 hours and 10 minutes, to be exact.

All delivered in short, simple, video segments.

jim quinlivan“Having watched all of the Penguin Program videos, what I most liked about the program was the short, small-bite video format. Easy to view, easy to re-watch ones I wanted to, and not revisit ones I didn’t. Same as why I enjoy tapas instead of a big entree these days.

“Of course, I also most liked the content. I not only enjoyed but also benefited from the reminders of your good, solid advice.”

Jim Quinlivan
Content Marketing Partners
Sugar Grove, Illinois

“Are you in the videos?”

Not exactly. You don’t see me; you hear me talking as I show slides that demonstrate the different ideas and concepts.

Not boring bullet point slides either. Images, examples, graphics … the kinds of things that improve understanding and insight.

“Are the videos in any particular order?”

No. And that’s deliberate.

If I put them in order, or grouped them into little modules on pricing, relationship building, selling, etc., you’d start to feel like you had to understand each section before moving on to the next.

Now you’re stuck again, making sure you’ve mastered module one before moving on to module two and each successive one down the line. It’s the same, “I don’t have enough time to learn all this” problem.

So I’ve mixed them up – on purpose. Each is like a short conversation with me. An insight, an “A-ha,” an opportunity to get smarter about the way you market yourself and your business. It’s an easier, more enjoyable way to learn.

“What if I want to watch them again?”

I hope you do.  That’s why as soon as you register, you’ll receive a complete list – with links – to all the videos. So you can watch them as many times as you like.

This way, if you miss one, or lose one of the emails, or whatever, you’ll always be able to go back and find them again.

“How do I know this is worth the money?”

money-back-guaranteeYou don’t. At least not for sure.

That’s why I offer a full-price, money-back guarantee.

If you enroll in the program and at any point over the first 30 days, you don’t think it’s worth what you paid for it, I’ll refund the entire thing.


Additional Bonus Material

Bonus #1: The Likeable Expert Book

This is my most recent book and it’s the perfect complement to the video program. Each insight is less than a page long. All of them share practical advice and proven strategies for growing a solo professional business. Plus, it’s square, which is kind of cool. I’ll send you a copy – snail mail! – when you order.



Bonus #2: A 52-Minute Webinar: “Pricing Your Professional Services” 

If you’re going to work for yourself, you need to get comfortable with setting rates, talking about fees, negotiating payment schedules, etc. It’s not necessarily the point of what you do, but it’s clearly a part of the mix. This 52-minute webinar is focused entirely on setting fees and handling the money aspect of working with clients.



Regular OptionPremium Option
The Penguin Program
A Bite-Sized, Solo Professional
Video Marketing Course
The Likeable Expert Book:
121 Insights to Start Your Day and
Grow Your Business
($9.95 value)
Pricing Your Professional Services
A 52-Minute Instant Webinar

($67 value)
PriceUS $187.00US $197.00


Margie Dana“Loved the program!  Here’s what I liked the best:

“Bite-sized nuggets of good insights. Short, to the point, non-intrusive.

“I could almost immediately apply your common sense advice to my business.

“I liked that I can save every issue in my ‘Michael Katz’ folder in case I want to revisit.”

Margie Dana
Content Strategist and Community Builder
Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

This course represents the best information I’ve ever created in helping solo professionals become more successful. With 45 ideas and insights coming your way, this will make an immediate difference in your business.

Just click the “BUY NOW” button in the chart above and I’ll send you the complete list, with links, right away.

All the best,

Michael Katz
Blue Penguin Development
Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Questions? Please email me directly (contactus@bluepenguindevelopment.com)
and let me know how I can help.

P.S. I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee to take all the risk out of trying this program. Try it and I’ll send you everything immediately.

“There was something that I could take from almost everything we have done to date. I have gotten more out of this program so far then I did out of the $1k I spent with a business coach in January.”

Nicole Martin
Greenville, South Carolina

Video #1 has already made me glad I purchased the course! It gave me actionable info about how to use call-out quotes to continue to promote my blog, website, services, and business.

Kate Bosch
Professional Organizing

“I am loving these snippets – they are awesome. “

Margaret M. Cassidy
Cassidy Law PLLC

“I love the down-to-earth simplicity you teach. No complicated software – a pen and paper system. The series is full of practical advice.”

Sue Smith Romero

“This is a great program – and it genuinely is easy to get it done.”

Ross Lasley
Manchester, Maine

“I love your videos and have learned a lot in just 2 to 3 Minutes. I also appreciate the summary Key Idea at the end of each video.”

Julie Roche
Julie Roche Consulting

This course is immensely helpful — thank you for offering it!

Lea Ann Walden

“For the life of me, I can’t think of any way for you to improve on what you produce. Each issue always seems to hit the spot. I sit here listening with my mouth open, thinking, ‘Yes, he’s so right. Yes. Yes. Yes.'”

Stephen Church
Northampton, UK